Magnetic Scrolls adventures for Windows CE HPCs

Welcome, weary traveller

Magnetic Scrolls on Windows CE HPCs

You find yourself in what appears to be a construction site. Pieces of dangerous HTML lurk to your left and right, waiting to trip up the unwary. Not that you fall into that category, oh no.
Nothing happens. Really.
You are on a restoration of a website from 2004 known as the Chiark hub. The author is attempting to inject a sense of humour into your experience by pretending you’re playing interactive fiction. He isn’t succeeding. You wish that they’d give in the lame attempts and just get to the point. So he will. If you ask
>get to the point
Right. Yes. *clears throat* For your delectation, I am (semi) proud to present the Windows CE port of Magnetic, known as MagnetiCE. It allows you to play Magnetic Scrolls games on your handheld PC. It’s currently a “public beta”, and may even get finished if people tell me that they use it.
Download the interpreter from this site. Games can be found at the Memorial, linked above. Please do drop me an email if you use this, as it would give me the kick I need to finish it off. Please see the included help file for known limitations and bugs.

Filename Purpose
MagnetiCE.exe Install package for activesync – all processors (ARM, MIPS, SH3, SH4), WinCE 2.11 or greater. If you have a PC with activesync, this is all you need. Arm CAB file for direct installation on HPC- HP Jornada 710, 720 etc MIPS CAB file for direct installation on HPC- NEC MobilePro etc SH3 CAB file for direct installation on HPC- HP Jornada 680, 690 etc SH4 CAB file for direct installation on HPC- Compaq Aero etc

Magnetice, and magnetic, is released under the GPL.
Source code is messy at the moment, but as this is GPL’d I release it in all its, er, ‘glory’