CyberStorm 060 + Cybervision 64 (CU Amiga August 1995)

Wrapping up

In conclusion, both of these bits of kit really are top products. It may seem that I have been slightly muted about the graphics card. The reason for this is that I couldn’t find anything bad to say about it! This card is setting the standard that all other graphics cards need to look up to – it really is that good. The CyberGraphics software is truly superb and with its support for other graphics cards deserves to become the standard of retargettable graphics on the Amiga. A star performer on both counts.

The Cyberstorm 060 is the fastest Amiga accelerator available that will run all applications. For the render hungry, there are transputers and other malarky planned but their use may well be limited to the applications that are written with it in mind. This accelerator will work with everything as it is directly compatable with the original chip used in the Amigas since their release. Of course, some games which do silly things with interrupts and modify their own code will fail (as they would on an 020) but I very much doubt that people will be spending a grand for games.

Value for money is a difficult thing: whether you can justify £1000 for an accelerator is a very difficult question especially when you compare what you could get on a different platform for those readies. In the Amiga market, it’s not that bad though and the investment should be protected as there is already provisions for upgrading. The graphics card at £300 compares directly with a high end PC card and is pretty good value for money.

Both these products specify the state of the art for their respective areas so both deserve the Screen Star accolade. Truly excellent. I really don’t want to send them back…


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