New Kickstart! (For me, not the Amiga)

I used to love learning new stuff, trying my hand at new skills.  Now, with more than twice the years behind me that I had when I wrote the original articles on this site, I realise that I still do: I’ve moved from programming language to programming language, operating system to operating system, job to job, and more.  I’ve learnt – and forgotten – a lot.

I used to think I wasn’t creative, and that I was too analytical, too scientific, too fact based to be an artist which is what I equated with creativity.  Reviews were just facts, not creative, and certainly not stories.  The stuff I was creating was just work.  The art I produced was a facsimilie of something else.  So, subconsciously, I reduced the amount I was doing and then ultimately I’ve stopped doing it.

I might not have a novel in me, but I do have stories to tell, experiences to share and yarns to spin.  Rather than spending more time just consuming what others have written, I’m going to start writing more, learning more and creating more.

You Have Been Warned!

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