PUAE 2.4.2 Beta 26/9/2012 for Mac OS X

Well, it’s taken quite a bit of time for me to get around to this, but once again I’m pleased to provide a build for PUAE.  Gnostic has been busy fixing the build errors (I believe his hand was somewhat forced when he bought a new machine!) and this now builds wonderfully.

This is version 2.4.2.


I will provide a build of 2.5 Beta in the next few days…



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  1. Ben says:


    Thanks for providing the build, look forward to the 2.5 build. Unfortunately your build seems to suffer from the same thing my build did the keys for joystick emulation don’t seem to work on my macbook pro. Do they work for you? If so what mac do you have? Do you have any suggestions?



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