PUAE 2.3.3 Beta for Mac OS X – new build!

Ladies and gentlemen!

GnoStiC has been busy, and has rolled up changes from Toni Wilen’s 2.3.3 beta series into PUAE.

Here’s an OSX Build for your delectation.  Usual rules apply: I just build this!  Please provide bug reports at EAB or on GitHub

Build date: 21/6/2011
Commit: c3c13e54b8062f208ef8baff8e7520789135b8c8


(For posterity, the 2.3.1 build will be available)


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16 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Thank you so much 😀

  2. Alex says:

    Oh, I was wondering if there’s some app to configure and save the .uaerc files. I’m currently using Hi-Toro, but it’s outdated and doesn’t let me select and save all the options P-UAE is offering now. And as far as I know you can’t save your configuration you have selected manually in P-UAE…

    • admin says:

      Don’t use Hi-Toro for the moment, as the config files are incompatible with WinUAE/PUAE. As for configs, there’s multiple options being explored but what is there now is quite functional, along with the quick starts… To save, you can save and load state which might not be quite what you want.

      • metaneutrons says:

        Hi there and thanks a lot for you Mac OS build. You made my day! I’m trying to build this beast myself, but have no luck. On my 64-bit Snow Leopard the build process stops moaning while linking with a “Undefined symbols for architecture i386”. This smells like a missing -arch or simliar somewhere. Do you have any idea?

        • admin says:

          Make sure SDL is installed in /Library/Frameworks, otherwise a load of things don’t work. Build with build_macos_cocoa.sh… And that’s about it! 🙂

  3. engur says:

    I wonder, in the menu bar, why ‘action replay freeze’ menu item is disabled?

  4. Name says:

    Cool! Just downloaded PUAE. Finally, a chance I do not have to start VMWare Fusion, to start WinUAE 🙂
    Will there a configuration window like in WinUAE? I find it less comfortable to access all the parameters in pull-down menus. Anyway, great achievement!

  5. PRodrigues says:


    I have a iMac 27″ i5 with Lion, i have downloaded the latest PUAE build and i cant get this to work, all i get is a black screen, what could be ? Thanks

  6. oscarpla says:

    Thanks !!!!!
    This version support the real disk amiga format???

  7. Mark says:

    Is there any way for PUAE on OSX (10.7) to be able to directly access hard disks or compact flash cards ?
    I’m trying to find a way to rebuild my A600 when I don’t have access to working floppy disks.

  8. Shufflepuck says:

    Thanks Man, works like a charm!

  9. Igor says:

    i installed puae and run the first time good with game super cars. When i switched
    to full screen mode (i have mac osx lion) the application crashed. The problem is that now i can’t run the application anymore (after the configuration uaerc it crash). I try to cancel and reinstall but can’t have the same window anymore because it crashes. What can i do? Thanks a lot, Igor

  10. David says:

    Is there a way to boot more than 4 floppies; there are a few games ou there with 6 floppies and it would be nice to boot all 6 rather than having to constantly swap.

  11. Alex says:

    Hello again,

    has there been a newer version of P-UAE recently or is this build from June 21, 2011 still the most recent one for Macs?


  12. MacUser says:

    No more news, updates?
    Project dead?

  13. TB75 says:

    To let anybody know: This is the content of the configuration file
    (A500minimal.uaerc) inside the “Configurations” folder. Read the
    “configuration.txt” in the Documentation folder, there is everything
    explained. It starts with a plain Amiga 500 setup, for these settings
    the chipset (chipset=ecs) should better be “ocs” //it reads in the txt
    that ocs is the original Amiga chipset, as found in the A100, A500.


    ps: YES!! All your amiga disk image files (.adf)
    can be easily integrated via the following line:

    Then the all the disk images should be in a
    folder named “ADFs” inside the folder “UAE”
    inside your user folder (mine is “TB75” f.e.)

    The documentation text for that mentions:
    Set the default path where floppy disk images may be found.

    Thats it, you should be curious already 🙂

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