HTML Howto, Amiga Computing 87, June 1995

Jargon Stuff

The Comms world seems to thrive on jargon just to keep it’s image as being rather sad. Here’s some of the more important ones:

America’s National Centre for Supercomputing Applications, where Mosaic was developed.

Common gateway interface: An interface allowing HTML pages to call executable scripts and return the results to the browser.

You jest, surely?

Uniform Resource Location: a way of accessing a file that tells the browser what method of contact to try and where to find the file once connected to the right server.

References on the Web

For places to start looking for information on writing good html, try the following URLs:

A Beginner’s Guide to HTML

HTML Design Notebook

Style Guide for Online Hypertext

HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials

This are just starting points! There’s plenty of links to take from them. Be warned that you could be there for a long time.


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