HTML Howto, Amiga Computing 87, June 1995

Getting it Up

So then. These pages that you’ve written on your trusty Amiga, checked with AMosaic and found to be good – you want to publish them.

Discounting the dedicated, constantly dialed up connection as far too expensive, what else is there?

As mentioned previously, members of Academia may be able to persuade their support team to help but for the rest, some other method needs to be found. The solution is the providers that can supply Web space, normally at a cost ranging from not really cheap to remortgage the dog.

The two most common providers who allow WWW storage are Demon, who will soon be giving subscribers limited WWW space free and Cityscape who give subscribers 500KB free. Demon charge £25 per month for up to 5MB of space whereas Cityscape charge what appears to be a more reasonable £60 per MB for a year’s storage – however Cityscape do not give technical support to Amiga owners and you have to be a Cityscape IPGold subscriber to make use of their servers. Check with them for more information, though.

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