Retrohomage: Amiga 1000

Summing it up…

Those custom chips really were astonishing at the time.  The progress made in 2 years from the Commodore 128, or even the Macintosh, really is quite astonishing.  This sounds hyperbolic, but I believe the designs were and still are quite beautiful: they have a real elegance, simplicity and power.  The way they work together is inspiring still.

The Hardware Reference manual, along with RKMs, gave developers the information they needed to start making things that Commodore could not have envisaged.

What amuses me somewhat is that there is now a growing clamour to get rid of SDKs and allow game developers for PC to hit the hardware directly.  Does that sound familiar at all?

So, I give you my views on the Amiga 1000: the most important computer in the Amiga range in my view, and the pinnacle of the revolution that Commodore never quite managed to repeat…

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